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Applique Banner or Digital: Which one's right for your group?

Applique Banner or Digital: Which one's right for your group?

Parade season is officially under way! Is your group putting their best face forward?

Often photographed, parade banners help build recognition during parades and other events. Custom made just for you, Band Shoppe can help you decide which banner is right for your group. We have options for every budget. Our banners are always made in the USA and are made to last many years to come. Our free design service, including full color sketches and a quote packet, helps you visualize the end result. We can work from your design, designs shown on our website, or let our design team create one for you.

Plus! Get a free banner pole with your purchase of all 6 foot or 8 foot Parade Banners. No coupon code needed! Your free banner pole measures one inch in diameter and features a two-piece design made from anodized aluminum.

First, lets talk about sizes.

For a good, visible parade banner, we generally suggest 2.5 foot x 8 foot (it's by far our most popular size). It's a versatile choice for most groups, large enough to be seen from far away but not so big that students have trouble carrying them and it looks great on either a standard banner pole included with your purchase our a marching frame. If want the most impact, a 3 foot x 10 foot banner may be the way to go. Should you choose this size, we suggest upgrading to the Deluxe Banner Marching Frame to keep this big banner under control. For bands on a tighter budget, or younger groups (such as elementary schools) we recommend the smaller 2.5 foot x 6 foot banner. This banner is lightweight, easy to control, and still looks great on a standard banner pole (included with your purchase).

All three sizes are available in either appliqué or digital banner options.

Applique Banners

Traditional appliqué banners:

With the applique process, your details are sewn directly on to your banner, layering design elements in various colors of thread and nylon creating a handcrafted look. They’re more expensive, but are the gold standard in traditional marching banners.
  • Band Shoppe's Elite Parade Banners are constructed of 200 denier nylon, which is durable yet lightweight
  • Quilted with layers of Tyvek lining for maximum stability 
  • All lettering and logos are made of the same 200 denier nylon and are applied to the banner using a solid satin stitch
  • Reinforced seams prevent raveling
  • Your finished banner includes two, 3 inch wide double layer pole sleeves to accommodate a deluxe marching frame
  • Add fringe or leave it off, it’s up to you
  • Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver color options available
A few things to consider before choosing this option:
Because of the handcrafted nature of these banners, expect to wait around 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Check our manufacturing schedule for the current delivery forecast (banners are listed toward the bottom). Also, small or highly detailed logos, should be avoided with this process.

Washing Instructions: Appliqué banners can be fragile, so we recommend they be spot cleaned only as necessary.

Digital Banners

Digitally Printed banners:

The digital process uses a balanced combination of ink, heat, and pressure to embed your image into the surface of the banners. The sublimated image will be smooth to the touch and is fully machine washable. Digital banners are decidedly more resilient! Details remain bright and beautiful for years if it is cared for correctly.

Digitally printed banners are an ideal option for groups on a budget, groups wanting a more modern look or groups that want a traditional look without the hassle of caring for a traditional appliqué banner.
  • Band Shoppe's Digital Parade Banners are made of 7.3 oz polyester canvas
  • Printed with unlimited colors, unlimited logos, any letter style with no character limit
  • Perfect for small or intricate logos
  • Add photos, fades, and effects, not possible with appliqué banners
  • Add stripes in your school colors for no additional cost
  • Laser cutting lets you choose more creative silhouettes 
  • Lined with the same high quality 7.3 oz poly canvas top for added stability
  • Reinforced teams prevent raveling
  • Your finished banner includes two, 3 inch wide double layer pole sleeves to accommodate a deluxe marching frame
  • Add fringe or leave it off, it’s up to you

A few things to consider before choosing this option:
Production time is much faster for digital banners at 2 to 4 weeks. Again, check our manufacturing schedule for the current delivery forecast (banners are listed toward the bottom). When sending images for your banner, remember that higher quality images will make a better final product. Vector logos and images are ideal but not always available. Remember: the larger the file size, the better. We accept most image formats including JPG, PSD, TIF, and vector formats including AI, EPS, or PDF. Also, metallics are not available with this option.

Washing Instructions: Fully machine washable! Cold water on the gentle cycle using is detergent for delicates.

You can check out some of our banner designs at

Ready to get started? Contact us for pricing. If you have any problems with your banner, or any additional questions concerning care, contact us online or call us at 800.457.3501.

Crusader Cam: Season 3, Episode 1

Crusader Cam: Season 3, Episode 1
photo courtesy of The Boston Crusaders

Season 3 of the Crusader Cam is here! 

If you don’t keep up with Crusader Cam, you’re seriously missing out! The Crusader Cam is a fun, firsthand look inside the lives of our members as they spend the summer traveling and performing across the country.

Tune in every Friday at 5pm for a new episode or stay up do date on Facebook!

Drum Corps Season is Coming Soon!

Drum Corps Season is Coming Soon!
photo courtesy of The Boston Crusaders


We can hardly believe the Boston Crusaders move-ins are starting tomorrow in Castletown, Vermont!  That means the Drum Corps tour season is just around the corner and we can't wait!!

The DCI Tour kicks off the premiere show in Indianapolis, IN on June 23rd with a line-up sure to please including Boston Crusaders, The Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, The Cadets, Bluecoats, and Carolina Crown. Tickets are on sale now! And while you're at the DCI website, check out the full tour schedule.

Until then, take some time to look back at Season Two of Crusader Cam! Or check them out on Facebook!

A Welcome Message from Band Shoppe!

A Welcome Message from Band Shoppe!

Welcome to the Band Shoppe blog/newsroom – we're glad you stopped by!

For those who don't know about us, Band Shoppe is a division of Pearison Incorporated based in Cynthiana, Indiana. Pearison Inc. was founded in 1970 by Chuck Pearison, along his wife Susan, as a small music repair shop operated out of their two car garage in Poseyville, Indiana. The business soon expanded to include marching uniforms and accessories, these products were sold from a small black and white flyer that was mailed to three states under the name "Band Shoppe".

Since then, Band Shoppe has grown to nearly 90 employees! With a full staff of sales and customer service representatives all based here in the USA, as well as secure online shopping, Band Shoppe gives you an easy shopping experience with fast and reliable shipping through USPS and UPS. Our recent 20,000 square foot manufacturing addition has expanded our facilities to 55,000 square feet. This expansion gives Band Shoppe the ability to make even more of our quality marching products right here in the USA, including our full line of custom uniforms and flags!

Here's what you can look forward to in the Band Shoppe Blog: 

  • We'll introduce you to the people who make Band Shoppe different
  • We'll share with you information about the products we sell - our quality custom marching jackets, color guard and percussion uniforms, and our made-to-last show flags as well as fun tips and tricks to help your group stand out 
  • Look for special guest bloggers, interviews with giants in the activity, and a few surprises
  • We'll answer your questions about how to make your show's vision a reality
  • We'll keep you up to date on sales and events taking place

Stay tuned for weekly updates with tips, tricks, tutorials, how-to guides, event wrap ups, photos, and much much more for both marching band, and color guard. We hope you find some interesting and helpful information, new ideas, and opportunities to join the conversation.

Here are a few link to help you get started:
>> Read more about Band Shoppe
>> Read the Band Shoppe Responsibility Statement
>> Follow us on Social Media:            
>> Shop now at

Please remember: We ask that you keep your comments relevant to the conversations taking place here so that we can maintain respect for all those involved and add value and depth to the discussion. All comments are moderated. Profanity, racial and ethnic slurs, and rude behavior won’t be tolerated and we will quickly remove any comments that are offensive, disrespectful or irrelevant.

This blog is a public forum – don’t post anything confidential or private. Also, these are the personal views of the individuals posting here, and not necessarily those of the Company. And, lastly, this is not the place to submit specific customer service questions or technical support inquires. For specific customer issues, please complete a Contact Us request with as much information as possible or give us a call at 1.800.457.3501.

Thank you for reading, visiting, commenting and contributing. We’re excited to have you here!

The Band Shoppe Blog Team

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