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Welcome Genesis World Class Drum and Bugle Corps

New Partnership Between Band Shoppe and Genesis World Class Drum and Bugle Corps

Band Shoppe is excited to announce a new partnership with World Class Drum and Bugle Corps, Genesis, for the Drum Corps International 2018 season.

 “The whole team at Genesis is beside themselves with excitement for our partnership with Band Shoppe,” said Chris Magonigal, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps. “After speaking with Band Shoppe’s team, it was evident right away that our arrows were pointed in the same direction. Their commitment to quality and the student experience is in line with the Genesis philosophy and their offerings are second to none. Genesis is committed to strengthening Band Shoppe and Fenix brands together to set up an incredible future.”

Band Shoppe’s talented Sales and Design Teams will work alongside the Genesis Visual Team to create custom uniforms to advance the Genesis organization and bring their look to the next level.

“We are thrilled to bring another World Class Corps into Band Shoppe’s family”, said Jay Pearison, President of Band Shoppe. “We have enjoyed our working relationship with the Boston Crusaders over the last several years. Now we aspire to bring that same level of quality and creativity to Genesis. Our team looks forward to working with Genesis in 2018.”

photo courtesy of Genesis World Class Drum and Bugle Corps
Welcome Genesis World Drum Corp

About Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps

Genesis World Drum Corp
Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps holds a deep-seated philosophy of Education Through Performance. Our purpose is to provide world class education through performance in the areas of percussion, brass, dance, and visual ensemble artistry.

Genesis has consistently achieved artistic and performance excellence and is recognized as an exceptional and excellence-driven group. With the inclusion of a leadership curriculum drawing upon top training methodologies used in corporate America, the organization provides educational, cultural, interpersonal, physical, and emotional growth necessary for our young people to become leaders. Genesis employs some the most talented design and instructional professionals in the country, who design programs that over 250 talented performers convey through a powerful, athletic, and artistic performance.

For more information about Genesis, visit

DCI 2017 Year in Review by Guest Music & Marching

DCI 2017 Year in Review Guest Blog

It's our great privilege to have Zach Ashcraft, founder of Music & Marching, share his perspective of the 2017 DCI Season with us in this guest blog post!  Music & Marching is a blog that exists to tell the unique stories of those watching, facilitating and performing in the Marching Arts activity, in hopes to garner a deeper respect and appreciation for what goes into each performance.

From the dynamic photography to his unique perspective, we are so thankful to have this opportunity to share Zach's "DCI 2017 Year in Review" with our readers and followers! When you have finished reading, be sure to go to for other stories and interviews that took place during the season. Also, you can follow Music & Marching on Facebook and Instagram (@MusicAndMarching)

*All images in this blog courtesy of  Zach Ashcraft, Music & Marching*


DCI 2017 Year in Review

2017 marked another incredible year for Drum Corps International. Along with setting new attendance records, this season brought with it some of the most innovative shows and concepts the activity has seen in years.

Crowds fill Lucas Oil Stadium at DCI World Finals

Boston Crusaders Performing Wicked Games

Santa Clara Vanguard Guard Performs at Lucas Oil Stadium

This summer marked my 10th season of involvement within DCI. From my first 4 years as a performer with The Blue Stars, to a few years on staff with the Crossmen, and now as a freelance photographer, I’ve witnessed an incredible amount of change over the last decade, both on and off the field.

Members of the Blue Stars perform at DCI FinalsVisual Identity Shakeup

The most notable change of this era, in my opinion, has been the visual identity of each corps from year to year. In generations past, many corps wore the same uniform over the course of multiple decades, with slight updates or adjustments coming every few years or so. More recently, Corps have increased both the frequency and scope of uniform changes, with many groups presenting audiences with drastically new looks on a now yearly basis.

Blue Devils brass perform at DCI Finals

Carolina Crown brass performs at DCI World Finals

While some critics believe this has diminished the visual identity of each corps, many within the activity agree that it allows designers to create a more cohesive program that more clearly communicates the concept of a show. Several designers are taking advantage of this new found creative freedom. Something as simple as The Bluecoats decision to forgo helmets in 2016 has already had an impact on the activity just a year later.

Several corps opted to perform without headgear this year, and its had a huge impact on the way that both audience members and the performers experience the performance. Having a clear view of each performers face not only allows the audience to better feel and experience the emotional content of each show, it allows brass members to explore new avenues of expression and performance not available to them.

Santa Clara Vanguard brass performs at DCI World Finals

Blue Devils drumline perform at DCI Finals

Not all corps have taken this route, however. Many have chosen to keep their shakos, aussies, and helmets, and have found creative ways to adapt them with their new uniforms. The Phantom Regiment, for example, had two helmets to convey different emotions throughout their show. The Boston Crusaders had an entirely new look, and the shakos and uniforms themselves perfectly personified the story their show was trying to tell.

Phantom Regiment corps walks off the field at a DCI performance

Boston Crusaders' drumline performs at DCI World Finals

From new uniforms, to innovations in electronics and prop staging, the last several seasons have indeed been wrought with change. One thing that has remained constant since my first day in the activity though, is far more important than what the corps are wearing.

Boston Crusaders ending their show with a show-stopping flame

Final Goodbyes

Standing in the Lucas Oil Stadium parking lot following each corps final performance of the season, I was reminded that the true importance of this activity goes far beyond what happens on the field. Watching as the performers walked out of the tunnel with tears streaming down their faces, embracing their fellow corps members one last time was a powerful reminder that design trends may come and go. But the one constant in Drum Corps is the life-changing affect each tour has on the individuals who participate in it.

Members of the Blue Knights say goodbye after their Finals performance

Members of the Blue Stars huddle after their 2017 Finals performance

Members of the Crossmen hug as they say goodbye after their 2017 Finals performance

Everything comes to a screaming halt at the end of DCI Finals Night. With the design process for most corps 2018 programs already well underway, the 2017 season will soon be left in the history books. But the one thing that will always remain are the friendships and families formed during those 85 days.

The Boston Crusaders salute to the end of their 2017 season

- Zach Ashcraft, Music & Marching

Drums on the Ohio Recap

Drums on the Ohio Recap

It's been one week since Drums on the Ohio (our home DCI show) was hosted at the Reitz Bowl in Evansville, IN. And we are still reeling with excitement!

But even before the first corps took the field on June 28th, Band Shoppe was already enjoying the festivities. That morning, 120+ students from local middle and high schools joined Band Shoppe staff and other local guard instructors with a handful of volunteers to present the free Tri-State Color Guard Clinic! The students broke out into 5 groups including Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Flags as well as a Rifle and Sabre class. After spending about 2 hours learning and practicing their routines, all of the students came back together to perform what they had just learned in front of the others. It was awesome to see students of all ages engaging, learning and encouraging one another.

All students warm up with 100 flag spins!
All students warm up with 100 flag spins!
Advanced Flags breakout class
Advanced Flags breakout class

Rifle Instruction
Rifle Instruction

That evening at Drums on the Ohio, some students from the clinic took the field to be recognized during the Star Spangled Banner performance.

Tri-State Color Guard Clinic participants ready to take the field at Drums on the Ohi
Tri-State Color Guard Clinic participants ready to take the field at Drums on the Ohio

Music City, from Nashville TN, kicked off the evening, with their show Tribe, with music including Pagan Dances, Goddess of Fire and Trail of Tears.

Drums on the Ohio Recap

Drums on the Ohio Recap

Drums on the Ohio Recap

Pioneer from Milwaukee, WI took the field next, performing music from the Broadway production of Les Miserables in their 2017 performance, titled Irish on Broadway.

Drums on the Ohio Recap

Next corps to perform was Madison Scouts, commanding a presence with their headdresses and masks. Their 2017 production, Last Man Standing included music Pilentze Pee, Miraculous Mandarin, Depletion & O2, Hope & Despair, and Music for Prague 1968.

Drums on the Ohio Recap

Drums on the Ohio Recap

During the intermission, the crowd was entertained with a Drum Line Battle performed by Evansville’s Boom Squad. The Boom Squad had two groups performing against each other, with team Old School winning the battle! Local music store H&H provided a check to the Boom Squad organization, which helps to provide after school programs and encouragement to intercity students. The crowd was very receptive to the Drum Line Battle, especially since the youngest participant was only 2 and-a-half years old!

Drums on the Ohio Recap
Evansville Boom Squad with the check presented by H&H Music Store
Right after intermission, it was time for the Boston Crusaders to take the field. The Crusaders’ 2017 production, Wicked Games included Moonlight Sonata, The Adoration of Veles and Ala, Whispers, Cortege Macabre (from Grohg), Wicked Game, Toccata (from Piano Concerto No. 1), and The Verdict.

Boston Crusaders at Drums on the Ohio

Boston Crusaders at Drums on the Ohio

Boston Crusaders at Drums on the Ohio

The Blue Stars performed next, taking the field with their 2017 production, Star Crossed, depicting 3 famous love stories, Romeo & Juliet, Great Gatsby, and Moulin Rouge.

Drums on the Ohio Recap

Drums on the Ohio Recap

The Cavaliers wrapped up the night, with their show Men are from Mars. Including music Fanfare for the Common Man, Wine-Dark Sea, Little Green Men, Mars, My Way, and more.

Drums on the Ohio Recap

Drums on the Ohio Recap

On Thursday, Band Shoppe hosted the Boston Crusaders for a BBQ dinner at North High School (Evansville, IN). Every member of the Crusaders (and support staff) received gift bags and a special shirt to commemorate their visit! To spend time with the members and staff was a highlight of our week!

Band Shoppe hosted the Boston Crusaders for a BBQ dinner

Band Shoppe hosted the Boston Crusaders for a BBQ dinner

Thank you Volunteers!

Band Shoppe hosted the Boston Crusaders for a BBQ dinner

It was a great week thanks to everyone who volunteered their time for Drums on the Ohio, Tri-State Color Guard Clinic, and for the staff members who helped at the dinner with the Boston Crusaders! We are so thankful to have the opportunity to sponsor such a fantastic show right in our own city, we hope it continues for years to come!

Spring Training Contest Winner Recap

VIP Experience

Lori Elkins won our Band Shoppe + DCI Spring Training Contest, and on June 22nd, she and her family had the VIP experience at the DCI Tour Premiere, kicking off Drum Corps International's 45th Season!

Lori and her daughters were given a behind the scenes tour which included checking out the press box, production truck, and getting field-level access before the show began.

Lori and daughters in the press box
Band Shoppe + DCI Contest Winner enjoying their backstage tour with a visit to the press box!
Lori said:
My daughters and I were so excited for our VIP tickets and backstage look at the DCI tour premiere! So cool to see how it all comes together from the live cinema production to the corps preparation. Have been a DCI fan for many years and now have a new appreciation for the work behind the scenes. Thank you so much to Band Shoppe and John Denovi of DCI for a night to remember! We had a blast!

Thanks Lori, for sharing your photos and VIP experience with us, we are so glad that you and your daughters got to experience this together!

DCI Spring Training Reveal - Boston Crusaders

The 2017 Boston Crusaders Present: Wicked Games

In October of 2016, Band Shoppe's Design Team met with the new Artistic Director for the Boston Crusaders, Keith Potter, to discuss initial design concepts for the corps. We knew that we would have a challenge before us — design a signature look with timeless elements to help the members look tall, strong, and consistent, that could also adapt to the ever-changing show themes. This uniform should incorporate removable elements and that should allow for maximum mobility. All this, while also producing a uniform durable enough to stand up to the rigorous wear of these talented athletes over the course of a few years. This initial vest concept was developed by Band Shoppe's team without context or show theme in mind.

The 2017 Boston Crusaders Present: Wicked Games

Once the main vest was approved, we finally received the show theme of "Wicked Games," a dark and complex interplay based loosely on the Salem Witch Trials. Keith wanted a fresh and modern take on the theme. The guard uniforms were to feel youthful and innocent with a more imposing aesthetic for the corps. With show theme in mind, Band Shoppe's team went to work with Keith’s direction creating sketches and samples until everything was just right.

Boston Crusaders Uniform Reveal 2017
photos courtesy of the Boston Crusaders

The result was an exercise in balance — from the pairing of traditional polyester with spandex stretch wear to incorporating digital elements with dimensional straps, flounces, and drops. Movement and breathability are key with these versatile uniforms as drum corps continue to blend elements of dance.

It is modern in it's presentation of conceptual textures and that it will allow performers to move in a way that we see drum corps going today.
— Keith Potter, Artistic Director for the Boston Crusaders

Band Shoppe is proud to present the uniforms for the Boston Crusaders 2017 show “Wicked Games.” See their new uniforms in action when the Crusaders head to Southern Indiana for DRUMS on the OHIO Presented by Band Shoppe on June 28 at the Reitz Bowl.

New Contest Time!

New Contest Time!

It's time for our next contest, this one is all about the FILTERS!

You know, the ones that give you amazingly cool glasses or turn your selfies into an adorable lamb.
We want to see your creativity come alive with your favorite filters and our Band Shoppe catalog!

Interact with the new 2017 Band Shoppe catalog, an older catalog, or use our online catalog to create a fun image by using filters or stickers, and feel free to add text as well!
(Here's an example)
Filter Contest Example

Post these images to Instagram with the tag #BandShoppeFilterFun

The winner will receive 2 tickets to ANY of these #DCI Premiere Show Dates (of their choice)

DCI Tour Premiere Show Dates

6/30 Muncie, IN – DCI Central Indiana
7/8 Minneapolis, MN – DCI Minnesota
7/8 Orlando, FL – DCI Orlando
7/10 Jupiter, FL – DCI South Florida
7/12 Lebanon, IL – DCI St. Louis
7/14 Martin, TN – DCI Martin
7/15 Alexandria, KY – DCI Northern Kentucky
7/18 Broken Arrow, OK – Tour of Champions - Oklahoma
7/20 Denton, TX – DCI North Texas
7/20 Belton, TX – DCI Central Texas
7/21 Houston, TX – Tour of Champions - Texas, Presented by Band Shoppe
7/22 San Antonio, TX – DCI Southwestern Championship
7/24 Dallas, TX – DCI Dallas
7/26 Little Rock, AR – DCI Arkansas
7/26 Hattiesburg, MS – DCI Southern Mississippi
7/27 Birmingham, AL – DCI Birmingham
7/28 Dothan, AL – DCI Southern Alabama
7/28 Nashville, TN – The Masters of the Summer Music Games
7/29 Powder Springs, GA – DCI Southeastern Championship
8/2 Pittsburgh, PA – DCI Pittsburgh
8/4 Allentown, PA – DCI Eastern Classic: Night 1
8/5 Allentown, PA – DCI Eastern Classic: Night 2
8/6 Buffalo, NY – Tour of Champions - Buffalo

*Must be 18 years old to win. Live in the Continental United States.
Band Shoppe is not responsible for travel expenses. 

We look forward to seeing what you create!

Meme Contest Wrap-Up!

Meme Contest Wrap-Up! 

If you follow us on Facebook, then you may have noticed a fun contest we've been promoting for the past few weeks.

It included a picture from our 1992 Band Shoppe catalog and asked for our followers to comment with fun Meme Captions.  The response was fantastic!! We had such a hard time picking the winner because they were all so clever and funny.

We thought it would be fun to share the winner, and a few other that made us LOL! 😂

Winning Meme
Winning caption

meme contest entry

meme contest entry

meme contest entry

meme contest entry

meme contest entry

meme contest entry

meme contest entry

meme contest entry

Thanks to all of our participants!
Make sure to check back on Monday for a new fun contest (with an awesome prize!)


And be sure to sign up for a chance at a VIP Experience at the DCI Tour Premiere
at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, the deadline for entrants is June 9th.

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