10 Stocking Stuffers for the Percussion Enthusiast

The holidays are just around the corner, and we can’t be the only ones looking forward to it!
We know that finding the perfect stocking stuffers for your friends and family isn’t always easy, so we’ve created a Gift Guide just for you.  

We thought we might be able to help you out with our Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide. We’ve broken it down into three categories; The Percussion Enthusiast, The Guard Fanatic, and The Band Aficionado to help you pick out the perfect items to fill up their stocking this holiday season.  

NO. 1 American Hickory DC50 System Blue Drumsticks // NO. 2 Promark Stick Rapp  
NO. 3 Promark Drumstick Tape // NO. 4 Gibraltar High Speed Drum Key 
NO. 5 Gibraltar Ratchet Lug Wrench // NO. 6 KORG TM60 Music Tuner and Metronome 
NO. 7 Promark SD1 Concert Snare Stick  // NO. 8 Holloway Homecoming Beanie 
NO. 9 Holloway Homecoming Scarf  // NO. 10 Band Shoppe Gift Card

A large portion of our newest product additions for 2020 was a brand-new selection of percussion equipment and accessories. Included in the product offering is a wide selection of Promark drumsticks and mallets, including System Blue sticks designed specifically by the World Champion Drum Corps, Blue Devils. 

To improve your grip and the longevity of the drumsticks, we love the Promark Stick Rapp and Drumstick Tape. The Stick Rapp provides a non-slip grip, and one pack alone will cover four sticks. The Drumstick Tape also provides extra grip, but that’s not the main focus of this product. It is predominantly used to improve the lifespan of the drumstick and helps to increase the visibility from the field in performances. 

A piece of equipment that is both easily forgotten (and lost), is a drum key. Our favorite is from Gibraltar, because it is small and easily fits in a small pocket, but it fits all standard tension rods. The longer handle makes it easier to tighten and loosen. We are also highlighting the Gibraltar Ratchet Lug Wrench for heavy-duty torque tuning and tightening. This two-direction ratchet has a 5” long rubber gripped handle for easy handling. 

Not something that is always considered when purchasing percussion equipment is a metronome, but it is essential in the progression of learning timing and rhythms. This KORG TM60 is a great option that not only has great metronome features but also includes tuning capabilities and can be paired with headphones. 

The collection of “Homecoming” winter apparel accessories from Holloway are some of our favorite items to keep your Percussion Enthusiast cozy and warm this winter. Not only do we carry a scarf and beanie that match, but there are gloves and headbands that coordinate as well. They all come in an incredible selection of colors to match any school or organization. 

Can’t decide on what your percussion enthusiast needs this holiday, consider purchasing a Band Shoppe gift card, and let them shop for themselves!

We hope these Stocking Stuffer Gift Guides help you out this holiday season as you look to find just the right items to purchase for the loved ones in your life.

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Happy holidays and happy shopping!

Author: Band Shoppe

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