Choosing the Right Twirling Baton

Young lady with twirling baton.

Baton twirling is a unique blend of artistry and sport that combines dance and gymnastics with a twirling baton (or two or three!). It requires stamina, strength, flexibility, and accuracy while staying in step with music during high school and college football games, parades, competitions, parades – almost anywhere… And there’s absolutely no off-season!

A lot goes into a successful show, you don’t want your baton failing at the worst possible moment. That’s why Band Shoppe is happy to partner with Star Line and Sharp professional quality twirling batons!

We carry the twirling world’s favorite Star Line styles including the Super Star Baton, the Lite Star Baton, the Starlet Baton, the Comet Baton, the Venus Baton, and SensiCore Batons in every size and thickness available along with Sharp’s best selling #10, #20 and #SM5 batons, also in every size and thickness.

But with all these choices, it can be overwhelming so we’ve put together a handy twirling baton guide including tips on choosing the best length and diameter for your majorettes or twirl team.

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